page-KVINFOKVINFO is the Danish Centre for Gender, Equality and Ethnicity. The key role of KVINFO is to initiate research and disseminate information and findings, and to contribute to the development of an equal society.
One of KVINFO’s main roles is to create initiatives and support projects aimed at developing tools and facilitating processes that promote equality – both nationally and internationally. Such projects and initiatives include:
The Mentor Network. Since 2002, the Mentor Network has been pairing up refugee and immigrant women with women who are active in the Danish labour market. To date, more than 7,000 women have participated in the programme, and the network is reckoned to be the largest of its kind in the world. The programme has been awarded several prizes and has inspired similar initiatives both in Denmark and in several countries around the world.
KVINFO also has a Middle East and North Africa department. Since 2006 the department co-ordinates, administrates and leads a range of equality and women’s rights projects as part of the Danish Foreign Ministry’s Arab Initiative. Among other things, KVINFO establishes partnerships, initiates professional dialogues, and facilitates the sharing of knowledge between Danish and Arab women’s and human rights organisations, public sector institutions, universities and private corporations.