Immigrant Council Ireland

page-Immigrant-Council-IrelandAfter a long history of emigration, Ireland experienced significant changes in the make-up of communities in more recent times, as a result of immigration. During the 1990s and early 2000s in particular, immigration reached unprecedented levels. Against this backdrop, the Immigrant Council of Ireland (ICI) was established in 2001 by Sr. Stanislaus Kennedy, to develop innovative responses to Ireland’s changing society. Over the past decade, the ICI has become embedded as a key expert and one of the lead organisations in the areas of immigration and integration. It is an independent immigrant human rights organisation, which works with and for immigrants. It advocates for the rights of immigrants and their families, and acts as a catalyst for public debate and policy change. The ICI is also an Independent Law Centre. Two important principles underpin our work: that immigration is a permanent and positive reality in Ireland and that individuals’ human rights must be respected, protected and upheld. Because of these beliefs, we will continue to lobby for integrated, transparent, rights-based immigration and integration legislation and policies which reflect this reality.