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    London: Success and Future

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    Berlin: Ideation and Partnership

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    Copenhagen: Practice and Impact

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    Reggio Emilia: How do we want to work?


Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, London, Luxembourg and Reggio Emilia foster diversity in leadership positions


Citizens For Europe (CFE), a Berlin based non-profit NGO, promotes the development of a participatory and inclusive European Union.


KVINFO is the Danish Centre for Gender, Equality and Ethnicity


After a long history of emigration, Ireland experienced significant changes in the make-up of communities in more recent times, as a result of immigration.


Diversity in Public Appointments, is an independent organisation. Its purpose is to promote diversity in public life by guiding and supporting individuals from previously unrepresented groups to successfully apply for Public Appointments.


The OLAI is a public administration under the tutelage of the Ministry of Family and Integration.

Reggio Emilia

Mondinsieme is an Intercultural Centre established in 2001 to carry out activities and initiatives on the theme of cultural diversity, involving both foreigners and Italians.